Lexitech Charter

Core promise

Lexitech is committed to providing its customers with comprehensive, high-quality communication solutions, including document management, localisation and translation.

How we work and what we have to offer

We combine our rigorous management processes and our worldwide network of qualified and experienced freelancers with our powerful technology to deliver the very best to our clients:

  • the same consistently high quality for projects, translations, localisation and revisions;
  • prompt delivery – even for the most complicated assignments;
  • the option to be in charge – with access to our project management team and our linguistic resources across the world;
  • maximum added-value through a variable cost base for a faster yield.

Respectful partnership

We regard our employees, clients and freelancers as respected partners. We trust that they, just like us, will give their very best. This is the only way we can achieve joint success.

Our corporate culture and the way we work are therefore all about long-term relationships.