Optimisation of your translated content: save time and money

See your content as a linguistic asset

Your content, and in particular your translated content, is a valuable part of your assets. Your product knowledge, your industry knowledge, your brand, and your content organisation are all important value elements of your company, even if they do not appear in your accounts. Just as you have to keep your company buildings in good repair, it is also prudent to do that with your content, as the quality of your content can decrease over time:

  • the content becomes dated in relation to technical standards;
  • the terminology of your content no longer corresponds to the evolution of your products or the technical standards;
  • branding and communication styles have evolved, etc.

Consistent quality of your business content

At Lexitech, we store all of the content we translate for our clients in individual translation memories. We do that to keep the content and style consistent, but this also enables us to save you time and money. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our technologies also make it possible to optimise and adapt your existing content. We help you to find elements that have become dated :

  • form;
  • terminology;
  • conformity with technical standards;
  • company style;
  • branding, etc.

Together with you, we then set out the instructions for our linguists so that the optimisation proceeds perfectly and your content retains its high quality over time.

The bottom line is as follows: this small investment protects the value of your business knowledge over the long term.