Your FREE whitepaper strategic content management

Every product from the manufacturing sector comes with a thousand and one different bits of information, in a range of languages. From manuals for the general public to technical information sheets, sales papers and leaflets, many managers and people responsible for publishing and document management feel like they are drowning in the tsunami of content. How can you streamline it all, with a deadline looming over you? How can you create accurate content quickly and make sure that you can update it rapidly, even after publication, across all versions?

Download our whitepaper and find out how strategic content management can help you move:

  • from a complex, stressful process to an automated, streamlined method underpinned by a component content management system (CCMS);
  • from losing time and money to saving time and increasing productivity;
  • from a content bottleneck to effortless publishing and efficient document management.

With comprehensive practical examples and clear explanations for a wide audience:

  • technical writers;
  • financial decision-makers with little publishing knowledge;
  • people with experience who are responsible for content.