Component content management system: manage complex multilingual content

Technology makes all the difference

Technical content management is exceptionally complicated and requires the right approach. Having a solid data and content model is a good place to start, but you also need robust technology to make this effective in practice on a daily basis. This is precisely the kind of technology that we use at Lexitech. It is called a component content management system (or CCMS). CCMS manages the content at a granular (i.e. components) level instead of at the document level.

Each component represents a single item, concept or asset; for example:

  • image
  • table
  • product description
  • procedure

Publications (documents, websites, etc.) are a collection of components that are brought together in a structure with a layout for the required application and intended audience.

A component content management system lets you handle the complexity that typically accompanies large volumes of technical content that is published:

  • in multiple languages
  • for multiple product versions
  • in multiple formats
  • where multiple versions must be made available at the same time
  • and where decentralised teams are responsible for creating, approving, managing, and publishing the content

A partner with a proven track record

Although a component content management system may sound a little complicated, it isn’t really hard to use. That is, if you work with a partner such as Lexitech who will make it easy for you. Lexitech is a translation agency that assists you over the long term and supports you in the rapidly evolving world of content management. In this way, you will never be surprised by the content tsunami.

Lexitech has been a ‘Silver Partner’ of Quanos GmbH for many years. Quanos is the trusted partner of around 300 companies, mainly in the highly industrialised German business world. We support and promote their technology because their range of products is complete and of impeccable quality, and because they constantly endeavour to further develop the software.

There is no need to buy various applications to be able to get started with the software – the Quanos software is supplied ready to use out of the box.

If you are a translator or a technical writer, make sure to also read our article about the difference between DITA and CCMS.

For more information about the benefits of working with a component content management system, download our free white paper below.