Translations and content management for industry

Manufacturing is one of our strong areas: 8 reasons to choose Lexitech

Follow many other organisations and make Lexitech your permanent translation partner for industrial sectors: medical, IT, engineering, e-commerce, and more. We are not deterred by anything.

Do you have large volumes of technical content of a diverse nature (product sheets, instructions, etc.)? We can manage and translate everything, taking into account the standards and regulations. At the same time, our translators can also turn their hand to marketing content. When the challenges are huge, we have solutions to match.

1. Just-in-time

Strict compliance with internal and external standards offers the best guarantee of high-quality work and timely delivery.

2. Consulting for content and document management

We will be pleased to help you draw up your communication aims and design a model for content management with you.

3. Advice

Together with you, we develop terminology databases, style guides, and controlled language, and we support everything using the right technologies.

4. Service

New tools appear on the market every day which each optimise part of the workflow. We use many tools, and we also integrate them into the services we offer. You gain many benefits, and our expertise ensures that these tools work for you, and not the other way around.

5. Advice for content management

Our advice for content management covers a lot of areas:

  • organisation;
  • reuse of content;
  • optimisation of linguistic resources;
  • workflows, etc.

At Lexitech, we look at solutions with you for efficient content management at the departmental and company levels. Are you curious to find out how much time and money you can save with well-designed content management? Discover our unique component content management system (CCMS);

6. Cost-effective

Reusing your content and translations and maintaining consistency are significant ways in which you can save costs. We go to great efforts to achieve this. You can rely on our technologies and our many years of experience.

7. Innovation

We actively network in the sector. This is how we stay on top of developments in methodologies and technologies. In this way, we can anticipate risks and opportunities in good time.

8. Stability

We have been in business for almost fifty years. Year after year we prove that our approach offers our customers added value over the long term.

We offer translations and content management for the industrial sector in all shapes and sizes. Contact us below for a proposal or quotation tailored to your organisation

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