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7 reasons why Lexitech is your preferred partner for financial translations

With Lexitech, you have come to the right place for your financial translations, whether these are specifically for the financial sector, or communicating about finance in general. Why?

1. Security

We take data confidentiality seriously. We handle your data in accordance with the strictest standards, from a legal and a technical perspective. Our systems have also been proven watertight.

2. Expertise

At Lexitech, we have an extended network of financial translators who are constantly screened and who have proven their expertise. Furthermore, our own terminology bank is a trump card for translations with financial content in French, Dutch, English, and German.

3. Service

New tools appear on the market every day which each optimise part of the workflow. We use many tools, and we also integrate them into the services we offer. You gain main benefits, and our expertise ensures that these tools work for you, and not the other way around.

4. Advice about content management

Our advice for content management covers a broad area:

  • organisation;
  • reuse of content;
  • optimisation of linguistic resources;
  • workflows, etc.

At Lexitech, we advise you about finding ways for efficient content management at the department or company level. Have we piqued your curiosity? Read all about our unique component content management system (CCMS) and find out how much time and money you can save.

5. Cost-effective

Our technologies and expertise are at your disposal. We store your data carefully. The result is: reuse and consistency are not hollow words.

6. Innovation

We actively network in the sector. This is how we stay on top of developments in methodologies and technologies. It means we are able to anticipate risks and opportunities in good time.

7. Stability

We have been in business for almost fifty years.  Year after year we prove that our approach offers a lot more added value to our clients over the long term.

Our solutions for the financial sector come in all shapes and sizes. Contact us below for a quotation tailored to your requirements.

Financial solutions tailored to your needs?