Translations for the public sector: benefit from our experience

Ever since the very beginning, Lexitech has been a supplier to the public sector:

  • at a local level;
  • at a national level;
  • and at a multilateral level.

This is hardly surprising as our company has its headquarters in Brussels. We are an experienced translation agency with its headquarters close to the European institutions and we work in the capital city of a trilingual country.

Our experience in translations for the public sector goes back to the formation of our company in 1976. Lexitech is ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified on the basis of our extensive quality control system.

We also stay up to date with developments in technology in the sector. This means we can ensure that our clients, in both the private and public sectors, get the greatest possible value from the projects that they entrust to us.

Are we familiar with the ins and outs of government assignments? You bet we are. If you are a governmental body, we can advise you on how to design your public tender procedures for translation and localisation.

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