Online interpreting – the benefit of live translation is clarity

“We’ll just explain it all in English …”

is probably something you’ve heard before. Nowadays, English is a lingua franca in many companies. But when you or your conversation partners find yourselves in a situation where you have to use a language that is not your mother tongue, then everyone loses out.

Non-mother-tongue speakers get frustrated because they can’t express things the way they’d like to. Or they miss implied or explicit messages in the foreign language.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a business deal had floundered because a crucial nuance was lost in translation.

Until recently, interpreting was reserved for specific situations:

  • either because it is impossible to communicate without an interpreter;
  • or because the importance and budget of the occasion justified the cost.

Fortunately, technology now also brings a solution.

At Lexitech, we give you the chance to have virtual meetings with interpretation, no matter where the participants are located. We can easily find interpreters for even the most exotic language combinations, because they can work anywhere, provided there is a good internet connection.

Our online interpreters master the nuances

You should not underestimate the potential of online interpreting.

By speaking to your audience in their own language or enabling them to express themselves in a comfortable and nuanced way in their mother tongue, you do them a great service. Our professional interpreters master your audience’s language and all the nuances and idiosyncrasies of their culture. Our interpreters correctly convey the message in full.

Everyone’s a winner with simultaneous interpreting!

Lexitech is a partner of Quaqua, the most user-friendly online meeting platform for large and small multilingual meetings.

What are you waiting for? Get connected to the world!