Technical content is particularly challenging

Poor or unusable communication can damage customer satisfaction. Accurate and consistent use of the correct terms is essential for the quality and usability of your content, and this is even more the case for technical content. The more technical and complex the subject, the greater the importance of terminology management, particularly if you also have your content translated.

Your industry probably has its own technical terminology (finance, law, construction, IT, etc.).

Alternatively, you may want to document the terminology that is specific to your company. That is an excellent way to make your products stand out from the competition and to give your own terms to particular features of your product. It is likely that you would also prefer to avoid certain words because they are confusing or distract from the quality of your products.

Whatever your exact needs, we are fully at ease with your terminology.

Create terminology lists

Our processes and technologies can help you. We take a step-by-step approach.

  • We extract terminology from your existing content.
  • We submit the terminology lists to you.
  • Only then do we proceed to translation and approval.

You will soon notice that if you use these terms often, the writing process will become faster and more accurate, and productivity will increase as there will be less confusion and fewer questions. But that is far from the whole story…

Are you familiar with the term translation memory? A translation memory is a database that stores all of your previous translations and automatically retrieves and reuses those specific words, sentences and texts. Strict terminology management plays a role in the optimum use of this translation memory technology. In our experience, customers can save 25% to 30% on their translation work when we manage the terminology at the source. So far, we have talked about the direct benefit.

How about the indirect benefit? Your customers will be satisfied – obviously, this is equally important.

If you would like even more convincing figures, at Lexitech, we have an extensive financial terminology bank (150,000 terms in French, Dutch, English, and German) that adds considerable value to our financial and legal translations.

Do you want to know more about the added value of correct terminology?