Translation with Lexitech: fast, correct, and efficient

Congratulations. By choosing Lexitech for a translation, you have strategically chosen to expand your activities and open up your content to another culture or country. Now it is down to us to:

  • accurately translate your message;
  • convey your message in a way that brings together your brand and the local culture;
  • make your message resonate with the reader, whoever your reader is, and wherever he or she is located.

Technical translations: industrial, medical, financial, and more.

If your content is highly technical (industrial, medical, legal, financial, IT, marketing, e-commerce), you will need a translation that corresponds to the local laws and regulations, industrial norms, and/or the technical terminology. For instance, a legal translation into French is different for France, Belgium, or Canada. On the other hand, the specifications for a refrigerated warehouse require a thorough knowledge of the terminology used in the construction industry.

Are you familiar with the term localisation? When we localise content, we go a step further than translation. We do not translate the content literally. Instead, we adapt it to a specific target audience, in particular the cultural context of that target audience. For instance, a joke we find funny may not necessarily be funny for an Asian audience or an African audience.

Do you have large volumes of content or complex projects? You can count on us. We work rapidly, properly, and efficiently. Our team is equipped with the latest technology. Did you know that we have a network of around 1,000 translators? They enable us to cope with peaks in volume.

Our professional translation gives you leverage and enables you to quickly access new markets. When you approach your prospective and existing customers in their mother tongue, you have a considerable advantage, even in these times where English is ubiquitous.

Feel free to contact us to calculate the return on investment for your company.

Even greater efficiency: your translation as part of content management

For some projects, the translation suffices in itself. However, we help many of our clients by going a step further. For instance, we help with large volumes of content, with many versions, languages and media, and tight deadlines. You know how difficult it is to manage all of this in the organisation.

Everything revolves around managing all of those translations. In that case, our content management approach adds a lot of value. We do not look at the translations in themselves. Instead, we look at how they fit into a broader content framework. What do you gain from this?

  • more speed;
  • extra efficiency;
  • greater peace of mind.

Maybe this all still sounds a little abstract. Read how we can transform your translations and content from an organisational bottleneck into a strategic resource. Discover how Lexitech is different to a standard translation agency.