The following webpage contains some information about the way we process your personal data.

Lexitech nv has set itself high standards with regards to cooperation and openness, which explains our transparency in this area.

We are responsible for processing your personal data; in other words, we take on the role of the data controller.

Personal Data

Lexitech nv is responsible for processing your personal data and our focus is on the careful handling of your personal data.

This means that we treat all personal data confidentially, that we have taken the appropriate security measures to protect personal data against loss, unauthorised access or theft, and that we will delete your data if we no longer need it to carry out our activities.

Receiving your personal data

When you use our services, your personal data may be processed.

This could be, for example, when you contact our sales or support department by email or telephone. In this case, we will process your telephone number, email address, or your name.

It is also possible that we process personal data that you share with us online; for example, you share data with us online when you request or download information or when you complete a contact form; we can also store data taken from social media, such as where you live. This allows us to offer you targeted and relevant information or to see who in a certain region might be potentially interested in Lexitech nv

As part of this process, we try to match your personal interests as much as possible.

Our Privacy Statement relates to Lexitech nv and the website of Lexitech nv

Our Privacy Statement applies to the use of personal data by Lexitech nv and the website of Lexitech nv. This Privacy Statement is part of our website.

Using your personal data to provide you with a better service

We have a legitimate interest in processing your data within the scope of our corporate purpose.

We use your personal data because this is necessary when processing requests for information or providing you with our products and/or services.

We may also use your data to help us optimise our services. Sometimes we also store data because we have to do so because of financial and legal requirements.

We only process personal data to the extent necessary in order to handle enquiries or improve the way we deal with you.

More specifically, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Processing and managing your request;
  • Providing you with information about new developments and requesting meetings to provide you extra information about those developments;
  • Providing you with information about general trends in the sector that is relevant to you;
  • For the purposes of managing our financial records and ensuring compliance with financial and fiscal (legal) requirements;
  • Testing and improving the quality of our services, such as gaining insight into the performance of the support department and our website(s);
  • Carrying out market research, so that we can tailor our services more closely to the needs of our clients;
  • Dealing with any disputes;
  • For the purposes of internal and external audits into the services we provide.

Maintaining our relationship with our customers and subcontractors

At Lexitech, we process personal data to send marketing emails for products and services that we feel might interest you.

Sending marketing emails to our customers falls within the scope of our legitimate interest. Like you, we have a strong interest in ensuring that our customers are kept informed of our activities and our new services.

We do not use your data for purposes other than the above

Lexitech nv does not sell your personal data to third parties.

In some cases, we use IT systems of suppliers, whereby it may be possible for the Supplier to gain access to the system where your personal data are processed.

In all cases, we will ensure that these third parties comply with adequate safeguards in the area of privacy and security.

We do not store your personal data for longer than necessary

Your personal data will not be stored longer than necessary.

It is our aim is to destroy the personal data of our business relations as soon as these data are no longer needed.

We keep some data because we are required to do so due to a financial and/or fiscal obligation. In that case, your data will be stored for at least seven years. After this period, we will make sure that your personal data are carefully deleted.

You have various rights when it comes to your personal data:

  1. You have the right to submit a request for access, correction or deletion of your personal data.
  2. You have the right to object.

This means that you can object to Lexitech nv using your data for commercial purposes. This could include, for example, the use of your data for our campaigns or other use of your data because of special personal circumstances on your side.

At any time you can file a complaint with either Lexitech nv or the Data Protection Agency about how Lexitech nv is using your personal data in general.

When you submit a request, we will first assess whether we can process your request. We cannot process your request if we have not been able to establish your identity or if you have made a similar request recently (less than six months ago).

Even if we consider your request, there are some situations in which we must refuse the request.

For example, we have to refuse a request if the interest of protecting the rights of third parties outweighs your interest.

This may happen in cases where your request for access also includes the personal data of other people. If we reject your request, we will write to you explaining why we are not able to meet the request.

It may happen that you do not agree with our decision on a request for access, correction, or deletion. In that case, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

Unsubscribing from campaigns and newsletters

If you have submitted a request or made a purchase, your address, email address or telephone number may be used by us so to give you information about new developments.

This can be done by mail, email or telephone.

In every email (or after every telephone call), we will give you the option to unsubscribe from this form of communication. You can also send an email to to unsubscribe.

Our websites contain links to third-party websites

Our website contains several links to websites of third parties.

We advise you to read the Privacy Statement of the website you visit via our website. We cannot be held responsible for the way in which third-party websites handle your personal data.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly check our Privacy Statement for possible changes.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Statement or about how Lexitech nv handles personal data, please contact:

Lexitech nv
f.a.o. the General Manager
Kunstlaan 1
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Or send us an email to