Machine translation with post-editing – withstand the content tsunami 

You are all familiar with online translation programs such as Google Translate. Online translation tools are often unreliable and unsafe, but they are free of charge. 

You also know that a professional translator provides unbeatable translation quality and confidentiality. Human translation is more expensive. It also has limited capacity. 

How will you handle the content tsunami while controlling your costs and planning? A challenge! 

When is machine translation with post-editing suitable? 

With average savings of 35 % in timing and budget while keeping a well-defined quality level, this approach is certainly worth considering! 

Machine translation with post-editing can be the ideal solution in a few situations, for instance: 

  • product updates that have to go to a large number of markets at the same time; 
  • feedback from customers all over the world; 
  • distribution of customer feedback to a wider audience; 
  • sharing internal documents with foreign branches or subsidiaries. 

Automated translation with post-editing offers many ways to share a lot more of your content with a large audience. You get a broad range of solutions at Lexitech: we propose various translation engines and levels of post-editing based on your requirements. It is useful here to carry out a cost-benefit analysis. We determine the optimal solution for you depending on your requirements : 

  • volume; 
  • immediacy; 
  • budget; 
  • type of content; 
  • linguistic quality. 

Post-editing is not simply an effort to improve a specific automatic translation: the result feeds the translation engines. In a manner of speaking, this further optimises them. Your investment in post-editing will eventually result in secure and private translation engines trained on your content, of which the output can be used with little to no post-editing.

Controlled language 

Next, we can look with you to see if controlled language can make your content more suitable for rapid and accurate translation work. 

Controlled language means not using lengthy sentences or flamboyant prose. Instead, it uses a limited and standardised vocabulary. The result is simple, readable and understandable language. 

Our tools mean you can be sure that we will adhere to your chosen controlled language.