Proofreading is a skill in itself 

Imagine a technical specialist has written user instructions in a language that is not his/her mother tongue. 

Or a manager who comes up with a strategic memo in English. 

These are just two of the many possible situations where experts write texts that are rich in content and have a high level of know-how. The drawback is that they are less well versed in the language, particularly if they are writing in a language other than their mother tongue. This is often English, but not always. 

How do we solve this? How do we link our expertise to our linguistic added value? The answer is proofreading. 

We don’t just start with proofreading 

It is important to know that quality requirements vary depending on the type of text: 

  • an internal report; 
  • a legal file; 
  • operating instructions; 
  • a quotation for a public tendering procedure, etc. 

We determine with you the essential elements of the content for each of your texts so that our linguists have all the tools to hand for thorough proofreading which goes beyond correct spelling and grammar. If required, we develop style guides, terminology lists and controlled language*. 

No more inconsistencies or language errors! We edit and correct texts until they are flawless and ready for publication. 

Proofreading is a cost-effective way to take your content to the highest level and to prepare for your audience.

* Controlled language is a limited, standardised vocabulary, which results in simple, highly readable, and understandable language. In other words, no poetic sentences.