Smart terminology management: crucial for your content

Poor or unusable product communication will damage customer satisfaction. Using correct terms is crucial for content quality and usability. 

Your industry probably has its own technical terminology (engineering, technology, construction, IT, etc.). 

You may want to document terminology specific to your company. That is an excellent way to make your products stand out from the competition. It also gives your products their own terms to describe particular features. You might also prefer to avoid certain words. They can be confusing, or distract the user from your product’s quality. 

Scientific research has shown that companies can save up to 25% or more through better terminology management. Technical writers can work faster. There is less confusion from errors or ambiguity. Technicians, R&D, product development and technical writers cooperate much better. 

Optimal translation memories through terminology management 

Are you familiar with the term translation memory? A translation memory is a database that stores all your previous translations. It retrieves and reuses those specific words, sentences, and texts. Strict terminology management plays a role in the optimal use of this translation memory technology. In our experience, when we manage the terminology at the source, you can save another 10 to 15% on your translation work. 

You benefit directly from these efficiencies. The quality of your content improves in the source language and translated.