Video: the importance of perfect audiovisual translation 

In recent years, video has become particularly accessible. Audiovisual translation is essential for sharing, implementing, and internationalising your content. 

Multimedia translation requires expertise and an understanding of the processes behind video making. In particular, the requirements and the technical details must be well understood. 


We transcribe the spoken text and the on-screen text into a written text. 

A precise and complete transcription enables a good translation later. We use different technologies and check the output on quality and completeness.  


Subtitling your videos is the most important multimedia translation service. Almost every form of video requires subtitling in many languages. International markets are important for the success of educational or entertainment videos. 

Subtitling is a technical process. It requires accuracy. Subtitling ensures that the audience can quickly understand all spoken and written content in every scene. 


Your message and the experience you want to convey work better with dubbing. Good dubbing requires an adapted translation of the dialogue. 

A team of experts ensures that the translated text matches the actors’ lip movements when spoken. This is work for specialists. 


In voice-over, we first translate narrated scripts. Then, mother-tongue speakers read them out. We replace the readings of the original narrative script in the audio track with the readings of the translated script. Then, we check if the images and the words coincide to create a natural and fluid result. 

Lexitech has experience with the localisation of audio content for: 

  • e-learning content; 
  • training programmes; 
  • corporate videos; 
  • film; 
  • and animation. 

The key to success is choosing the right professionals. Our project managers select the perfect voice with you from a large network of talented voice-over artists. This helps create the right experience for your multimedia content.