Your words work for you worldwide

You sell your products and services abroad. You want your image and customer experience to be at the same level in foreign markets as in your home market. Ideally, a bit better so you can manage local competition. You want your communication, around your chosen markets, to be precise and persuasive.

So, you certainly want one of the below, if not all of them:

  • Be comfortable that the quality of translation is beyond reproach.
  • Make sure your processes for writing, curating, and producing content are fluid. Technologies should talk with each other without obstacles. Turnarounds should be short.
  • Rest assured that your content, in the source language and translated, remains confidential. You share it with the world when you are comfortable.

We have been in the middle of this since 1976. Lexitech is a translation company with offices in Brussels and Paris. We have been collaborating with companies, financial institutions, and public sector bodies. We ensure that their translated communication leverages their activity. Our translation is an important link in our customer’s chain of content creation, content re-use, editing, translating and publishing. We know about quality and deadlines. We investigate the processes and technologies that make our interaction smooth and accurate.

FedEx, DHL, Tosoh and Proteor have been clients of ours for many, many years. Why don’t you want to learn more about what we can do for each other?

We guarantee satisfaction. Lexitech corrects translations at no extra cost until our clients are happy. This is our commitment to you, as it has been for almost fifty years.