The same aims for all your content 

What are your aims for your technical communication? Who is your audience and what does it expect from the information that you provide in your different markets? 

You often have these conversations in the marketing department, but also in R&D or product development… Indeed, how do you deal with documents such as user manuals and patent applications? How do you organise the flow of all these content types and make sure each of these matches your communication aims? 

That is why we plan in advance with you: efficient process, consistent style, global access,  and ensure that you see them reflected in your language and style guides. 

Indeed, there are a few challenges to master 

In this day and age, sheer volume of content is an important challenge. Your content is made available: 

  • in different variants; 
  • in different markets; 
  • in different languages. 

Moreover your content is often spread across your company: 

  • in different departments; 
  • in local branches; 
  • not to speak about the proverbial ‘silos’ 

Furthermore, your content probably circulates in different versions. Each version reflects a level of writing, editing, approving… 

To cap it all, your customers expect the content to be available through different media. 

This is why we like to sit together with you up front and discuss: 

  • your organisation; 
  • your communication needs; 
  • your document flows. 

Together we develop a solid model for your content management and equip this with the right tools. This removes obstacles. It ensures that collaboration and interoperability are not just hollow words. In our experience your savings will on average be: 

  • 20 % during the research phase of your documents; 
  • 20 % during the writing phase; 
  • 50 % on translations; 
  • 50 % during publishing. 

Content management as a strategy 

Managing your content is no longer a bottleneck in your organisation once a good model for content management has been implemented. Instead, it becomes a strategic tool. It puts you on track for efficiency gains and greater competitiveness. 

Would you like to know more about strategic content management to drive returns?